All You Need to Know About Coinbase Exchange Platform

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If you are planning invest in crypotocurrencies, you must start by picking the right bitcoin broker. With the variety of bitcoin brokers out there, you can be sure that not all walk the talk. Coinbase brokers are highly regarded in this industry. As of 2017, they were available in 30 different countries, which make them the world largest bitcoin brokers. This trading platform has multiple payment options, offers high liquidity and buying limits, and it is easy to use even by new users.

Is Coinbase safe?

bitcoin traderAnyone investing in digital currencies has the right to be concern about the security offered by any trading platform for obvious reasons. Being among a largest bitcoin exchange platform, you have every reason to ensure they provide you uncompromised security. This bitcoin exchange platform is secure. Trusted bitcoin investors who have used this exchange for a considerable amount of time back up this sentiment.

How it works

The working of any exchange platform is key when choosing a trading broker. Coinbase understands the value of making investors life easy. Its simple and easy to understand makes it easy for first-time traders to buy bitcoins and understand how this process works. To make a payment, Coinbase mostly allows credit and debit cards along with wire transfers.

Limits and liquidity

The limits and liquidity levels offered by Coinbase vary despite being among the highest in the market. Ideally, the limits proposed are informed by your account levels along with how much information you have verified. Fully verified investors can transact a whopping $50,000 worth of bitcoins on a daily basis. On the other hand, European customers have their transaction limit capped at €30,000.

Benefits of using Coinbase

  1. High trading volumes: Coinbase is known for having one of the largest trading volumes in the industry. This implies that both buyers and sellers on this exchange will always have an option. This benefit goes a long way in maintaining the liquidity of your investment.real bitcoin
  2. Instant transfers: Another attraction towards this cryptocurrency trading platform is their ability to make instant transfers. This advantage is a game changer in cryptocurrency trading only that it is only available between Coinbase accounts. You must be a member to make instant transfers.

By now you should have a good idea of how Coinbase works and the benefits accrued to this cryptocurrency trading platform. However, you are a lot you need to learn about these brokers. For starters, a review of Coinbase offered by distinguished experts will go a long way in giving them the perfect start in the digital currency trade.…

Bankruptcy Facts


People declare themselves bankrupt to get rid of overwhelming debts. It is viewed as the last resort probably due to the shame and stigma from the society. Among the challenges faced by people thinking to declare themselves bankrupt is misinformation. There is a lot of false information online and from friends about bankruptcy. This article will outline some facts for people considering bankruptcy. If you have been looking for the right information about bankruptcy, read on.

Bankruptcy Lasts Three Years

empty pockets, no moneyWell, this is true, but you can have bankruptcy spreading to 5 or 8 years. This mostly happens if your trustee does not give the required information about you in the first three years. There are many reasons why your bankruptcy can extend and among them is not filling some required papers in the period of bankruptcy.

I Will Lose My Assets When I File Bankruptcy

Yes, some of your assets will be lost, but you might not lose your house furniture and general household items. You might lose your house if it has plenty of equity, you might lose your car as well if it has a value of more than $7700. If you are self-employed with a business, it might be viewed as an asset and end up losing it. If you are not sure about this, it is best if you seek advice concerning the same.

My Business Will Be Lost After Filing Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy trustee is out to sell your assets and give out the money to your creditors. When it comes to business, its value matters. For instance, if a plumber files bankruptcy, he will not lose his tools and equipment if they do not total to $7700. In such a case, the real asset will be the plumber. If it were a company, the director would be required to resign and trade as a sole trader before declaring bankruptcy. My main point here is, it is not a must that you will lose your business after filing bankruptcy.

I Will Lose My Job When I File Bankruptcy

debtsThere are a few professions you can do while bankrupt. The restriction of employment applies more to people who are not yet in the field compared to those already in. For instance, you cannot become police after you are declared bankrupt. But if you were already police and your bankruptcy was not from fraud or illegal activities, then bankruptcy will not affect you.…

Types of Debt


Unless you are among the most privileged, many people out there have been in debt at some point in their life. Debts can be as a result of borrowing to buy a house or the use a credit card. Living in debt is something normal to some people. This article will discuss the most common types of debts.


empty pockets, no moneyA tax bill is among the most common bills; almost everyone suffers this one. The good thing about this debt is that there are many options to pay it. One can apply for the automated online payment. This payment plan applies to people with a debt of $100,000 or less. Additionally, you are allowed to get a tax debt loan to help you clear the outstanding amount.


Business debt grows as one tries to grow their business, buy new stock or reach new markets. At such moments, it seems necessary to borrow money to get the needed capital. With business loans, credit cards and overheads, things can get out of hand easily. Things can get worse if you are trying to grow the business in hard economic times. To avoid business debts, prioritize payments and seek professional financial help and advice.

Home Loan

Many people borrow money to buy a home. A house loan amounts to several a hundred thousand dollars. For many people, this is the biggest financial responsibility for many years. Do not forget the interest rates applied over the lifetime of the loan. Financial discipline is key when taking a home loan. To finish up the payments faster, one is advised to make extra payments from time to time. Looking for rates elsewhere is another way to finish up the loan sooner.

Credit Cards

debt from credit cardsThis is a trap many people fall for. They give you the freedom to use money which you do not have. Many people spend from the credit card without thinking of the long-term consequences. Make sure that you pay the money before interest rates start to accumulate. This is the only way to avoid getting into credit card debt. People find credit cards convenient without realizing their high interest rates. Some have interest rates of as high as 20% or more. If you create multiple credit card debts, it is most likely that things will get out of and you might never get back in control ever.

If you are currently in debt, do not blame or feel bad about yourself. Sometimes experience is the best teacher. Get means of paying off the debts and try as much not to fall in more debts in the future.…